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Design apps so good
people feel stupid not paying for premium!

Turn free users into paying customers — without throwing away more cash on ASA, Meta & TikTok ads.
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You have less than 1 minute to 
impress & retain your users.

Convincing your users to open their wallet is difficult enough. Let alone the short window — before they leave disappointed.
That being said, here are...


5 proven ways to 

kill your net revenue...

Force your users to sit through a lifeless onboarding journey
Show paywalls aggressively — way before users reach the ‘AHA moment’
Burn money on app marketing — without optimizing your bottom-of-the-funnel
Rely on guesswork — instead of data-driven design decisions and
Fail to attract users back to your app, day in, day out

But it doesn’t

have to be this way...

3 ways I help mobile app founders
Elite Mobile Design Partner
Full product team at your service
Save $250K+/year in-house costs
Delivery within 1 to 2 months
Mobile UI/UX design
Craft a stickier app and polish existing UI & UX design to absolute perfecton.
Web2App funnel design
Sell subscriptons outside the app & bypass platform commission fees
App store screenshots
Get scroll-stopping creatives to turn more impressions to downloads
App Landing Page
Design dedicated web page for users to discover, understand, & download your app
Wallet-opening onboarding
Make unforgettable first-impressions, prime your users & build more intent to buy
Paywall designs
Increase In-app purchases with persuasive copy & design best practices.


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Fractional Product & Growth Design
I join forces with your product team
1-month access to my expertise
Pause & cancel anytime
Fix your user onboarding
Design your entire onboarding to hype up users & build peak intent to subscribe.
Boost paywall conversions
Get several paywall variants to A/B test & maximize free-to-paid conversions.
Product optimization
Improve retention & engagement with battle-tested UI & UX design patterns
Analytics insights
Use PostHog & UXCam to analyze how your users behave & diagnose design issues.
Hands-on UI/UX work
Get visual concept for key screens on figma for immediate implementation
Growth advisory
Get 1:1 strategic guidance to profitably scale your app business


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'Roast' your app
Perfect for apps with $1K+ MRR
5 to 10 days turnaround avg. time
100% money-back guarantee
45-min Loom video feedback
Get actionable recommendations to fix your subscription revenue leakages
5+ competitor app teardowns
‘Steal like an artist’ from your top 
5-10 competitors to drive hyper growth
Needle-moving A/B tests
Get a DIY workbook/google sheet of my hypotheses to test and see what sticks.
ICE scorecard
Prioritize experiments - from biggest needle-movers to lowest impact ones.
Copywriting tips
Borrow your user’s voices from reviews to show that your app is a real deal.
Mobile app founders refer to me as 

their go-to product & growth designer!

Don’t take my word for it

“Loved the app roast by Muhammad!
The visual presentation and communication were really on point.
Muhammad helped me identify lots of growth potentials and high-impact a/b testing ideas, which I could not think of before.
I recommend this to any fellow indie dev, who is blowing money on app marketing -  without creating a habit-forming/sticky product first.
Deep: Focus Timer
Sander Eichinger, Founder
Rahat understands how to strike a 
good balance between aesthetics and functionality. I needed to add and improve existing features of my app. 

He was a true professional who cared about the quality of work that he produced. I enjoyed working with 
Rahat and would definitely recommend hiring him on your app projects!
"Rahat is an exceptional individual to work with. His brilliant mind & humble nature make collaboration a joy!

"Working with him has been a privilege. 
His contributions have been instrumental in our project's success."
“Oh my goodness  — this is EPIC!!! 
We love the videos. 

They are so valuable. We are in the process of trying to implement your feedback. Thank you so much!
"Really helpful video roast with far more detail and suggestions than what i expected.
It's given us lots of actionable points that we can work on and I'll look forward to working with roastmyapp.co again in the future."
Breedera - Dog Breeder
Michael White, CEO
“Rahat’s strategic insights and conversion optimization tactics resulted in a massive revenue boost for my app portfolio.
The ROI on his services is off the charts!’’
“I started the A/B test and already deployed the winning version  —  the paywall with pricing  shown above the fold is getting more trial activations.
Aido: AI Chatbot Assistant
Bechir Arfaoui, Owner
Appreciate the attention to detail in all things, from the colour and copy, to the accessibility considerations, and the block-y aesthetic in the price offering buttons.
I also admire your honesty & commitment to data driven decisions
— for sure.
I don’t know which flow will perform best  — but I will say I think your designs are outstanding and well thought out, and I love having a few very high quality options to try out
After your feedback, I 100% focused on adding more questions in onboarding and making the design little
I just released it yesterday and am closely monitoring the progress.
Routinery & Behavior Tracker
Evrim Demir, Founder
Muhammad is very experienced in app auditing.
He has a catchy eye for missed opportunities in the screen structure and visual hierarchy.
His sound knowledge in behavioural psychology  and  UX design increased our conversion rates, user retention and most importantly — the number of 
paying users.
Thank you so much and looking forward for long-term cooperation.
What you see is What you get
Roast My App Design
Roast My App Design
Roast My App Design
Roast My App Design
Roast My App Design
Roast My App Design
Roast My App Design
Roast My App Design
Roast My App Design
Roast My App Design
Roast My App Design
Roast My App Design


Wall of app roasts

Watch me point out low-hanging fruit problems, and provide actionable insights to fix them.
“Identified a lot of growth potentials which I couldn’t think of before!”
“I started the A/B test and already deployed the winning version”
“Discovered many missed opportunities in my app designs”


Get 100% 


No increase in conversions after 90 days?
I’ll refund you - no questions asked.
👀  Disclaimer: Not everything I say will be a hit.
What worked for other apps, might not work for yours.
If that’s the case, I’ll send back your hard-earned money.
Probably the most risk-free investment you’ll ever make right now!
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Hello — I’m Rahat

💰 I help mobile app founders sell more subscriptions in 30 days or less.
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Screen roasting by rahat
Screen roasting by rahat
Screen roasting by rahat
Screen roasting by rahat
Roast my app - roasting
Roast my app - roasting


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